Redo of San Francisco Stairway Hike #2 – May 4, 2014

by Hoyt Nelson
It’s been years  since we have done this hike (Twin Peaks, Dolores Heights, Upper Market.) and this is the perfect time for good weather, flowers and scenery.  We will meet at 10:30 AM on Twin Peaks Blvd. near the intersection of Crown Terrace.  It’s a fairly strenuous hike of 3.5 to 4 hours, but we will stop frequently for snacks and views.  I cut the length down a bit from the original.  This will make it similar in length to hike #1 (Coit Tower, etc.)
Bring clothes for warm and cold weather including a hat, comfortable hiking shoes, sun block, drinks and snacks as desired and camera.   There are no “formal” bathroom stops on this route, but there are usually a number of fairly clean porta-potties along the way at construction sites.  There is one water fountain at the bottom of Pemberton near the start and several small markets along the way for refreshments.  I can take up to 6 more in my van.  First come, first served.  Otherwise, use your GPS or follow directions below.  Be advised my van will stay in SF for lunch after the hike.  We can finalize at that time where to go.  If desired, we can first drive up to nearby Twin Peaks for a quick look at perhaps the very best view of the city (+ restroom) before lunch.
Directions From Jan Jose area: Take Hwy 101 N. to Mariposa St. exit (just N. of Cesar Chavez in San Francisco) and take an immediate L. onto Vermont.  Turn L. onto 16th for about 2 miles and bear L. onto Market at Noe.  Bear R at the next block onto 17th for 6-8 blocks and make a L at Twin Peaks Blvd. (It’s the third L. past Ord, and is marked as Clayton on the R.).  A little past the next R. (Carmel) you will see 23 wood stairs on the R. across the street from Crown Terrace where we meet   If you come back on 16th after the walk, take a R on Potrero and follow signs to 101 South.  There’s lots of parking on Twin Peaks Blvd.
From San Francisco or E. Bay: From the Bay Bridge exit to San Francisco (Hwy 80), continue on 80 toward signs for Van Ness.  Exit at Van Ness and take an immediate L. onto S. Van Ness.  Go 3 blocks S. and take a R on 16th.  Continue W. on 16th  for about 1.5 miles and take a L. onto Twin Peaks Blvd. (It’s the third L. past Ord, and is marked as Clayton on the R). (Heads up at 16th and Market!  It’s confusing and congested.)  A little past the next R. (Carmel) you will see 23 wood steps on the R which are across the street from Crown Terrace where we meet.  There’s lots of parking on Twin Peaks Blvd.
stairway walk 1stairway walk 2
For more info and to sign up, contact me at
Photos by Tony Holiday

2014 April – Editor’s Message

OK gang, tax filing deadline is almost upon us – get those number 2 pencils sharpened!

Mother Nature is teasing us again!  After a very dry winter, the last couple of weeks has seen a generous dumping of snow in the Sierras!  So, it’s not too late to bash some bumps, shred some runs and schuss the slopes.  Who wudda thunk!!??

Presidential Affairs

Speaking of spring skiing and riding, President Armand skied in late March and makes reference to “Magical March” in his monthly President’s Message.

Did you miss the Sun Peaks trip?  Don’t miss the next week trip to Jackson Hole in the Grand Tetons.  Armand is industriously planning next year’s trip.  Read about it here in his  ” Membership and Jackson Hole”   report describing the plans for next year’s return to Jackson Hole after a 14 year absence.

Jackson Hole website:


Why are your skis and snowboards tucked away in the closet? ~ Karen Soo, Trip Director ~

Is your ski season over yet?  I know we barely had fresh snow in the month of January and February.  Don’t call it quits yet. Take those skis and snowboard out of the closet. The Tahoe area is finally bombed with fresh snow this past week. Most of the Tahoe resorts reported 1-2 feet of snow….

 Read the rest of Karen’s article here :  << April 2014 Trip Director’s article >>


Are you a “mature” skier or snowboarder, but junenile at heart?  Want to show your younger cohorts that you can still rip it up???  Well, each year, there are Senior Winter Games held  at Bear Valley ski area.  For the past few years, NSC member, Rick Dumlao has been shredding the light fantastic (apologies to John Milton) at the games.  This year was no exception.  Check out his reportage here : << 2014 California Winter Senior Games >>.


Cherry Blossom Festival San Francisco – April 12-13; 19-20

This year marks the 47th anniversary of San Francisco’s Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival.

From the festival’s website  ( ):

 This year’s Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival® will be held on Saturday and Sunday April 12-13 and April 19-20, 2014. All are welcome to join in the festivities as we celebrate Japanese and Japanese American culture in San Francisco’s Japantown!

The festival will be held on Post Street between Laguna and Fillmore Streets. There will be food booths, cultural performances, martial arts, live bands, the annual Queen Program, and more. The Grand Parade will be held on Sunday, April 20, beginning at City Hall and concluding in Japantown.

Until next month…

April, 2014 President’s Message

~ President Armand Gutierrez ~

April is here and this usually means the end of a ski season and the start of baseball, biking, hiking, camping, golf, and other spring activities. My last visit to Tahoe was at the end of March, with many people calling it “Magical March” because Mother Nature indeed blessed the Tahoe region with a good snowfall and fresh powder!

BAC recognizes NSC! Although the Sun Peaks trip has passed, the April BAC Newsletter is showcasing our Sun Peaks trip. You can view it here :  BAC0414newsletter .

Board Nominations/Elections

At our March board meeting we discussed the upcoming nominations/elections for the next season. Although our policies provide for nominations/elections, it has become apparent that this process has not been fully implemented in the past few years. There have been no nominations or write-ins and then the election slate is comprised of just the incumbents. Although being on the board is strictly a volunteer effort we’ve managed to retain the current board members for several seasons due to their commitment to running the club. Well, it appears that the 2014-15 season is no different and the current board members have all indicated they would serve again and that nominations/elections would not be formally held this year.  However, we do encourage all of you to be more active members by serving on the board or tour leading a ski trip or other activity. It would be reasonable to assume that some members might want to be nominated or elected. Therefore, if anyone has an interest in joining the board for the next season then just drop a note to any of the current board members.

Code of Conduct for NSC

I’ve been participating in several FWSA functions over the past few years, including their international ski week trips, and as I learn more about how FWSA functions, I noticed that they have a Code of Conduct (CoC) that attendees of their ski trips must abide by. I discussed this with an FWSA member and she told me that the Code of Conduct was put in place so that all members that are part of a FWSA-sponsored event would adhere to the Code of Conduct and any “bad behavior” that could reflect negatively on FWSA could result in being barred from any future FWSA-sponsored events. Although NSC is comprised of good-natured people that are willing to help others and exemplify good behavior on NSC-sponsored trips, the board came to the conclusion that perhaps we should adopt our own Code of Conduct to ensure that all members are aware that any “bad behavior” that could reflect negatively on NSC could result in being barred from NSC-sponsored events. Brian Hess is working on a draft proposal, patterned after the FWSA CoC, and the board will be reviewing it at future board meetings. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding an NSC Code of Conduct please contact me ( ) or any board member.

April, 2014 Newsletter Membership Report + Jackson Hole Report

~ President Armand Gutierrez ~

Membership Activity

There was no activity for March. Since the club season is coming to an end any new memberships will probably take place in May.

Jackson Hole Ski Week (January 24-31, 2015)

The last time NSC was at Jackson Hole was Feb 24 – Mar 3, 2001 when Douglas Higashi took NSC with 64 participants. A Thank-You to Judy Hom for sending me the brochure from that trip, which lists a schedule of events, condo list, rental info, etc. Perhaps some of those participants would be interested in a reunion at Jackson Hole next year?

Arrangements for the Jackson Hole ski trip are well on its way. Due to the early and enormous airline bookings by travel agents I was unable to secure any seats at a reasonable price. So, in order to level the playing field I’ll be working with Matt Hollis from Sports America. Flight arrangements have been made so the next order of business will be to secure lodging and ground transportation. Stay tuned for the JH flyer coming soon in the newsletter.

Why are your skis and snowboards tucked away in the closet?

Karen Soo – Trip Director

Is your ski season over yet?  I know we barely had fresh snow in the months of January and February but don’t call it quits yet. Take those skis and snowboards out of the closet. The Tahoe area is finally bombed with fresh snow this past week. Most of the Tahoe resorts reported 1-2 feet of new snow.

In February, thirty Nisei Ski Club members went on their annual weekend trip to Alpine and Northstar. We thank our 7 members from Monterey Ski and Social club for coming along for the ride. We had Grady as our driver and a new bus service. For the most part, we had good conditions and we had a great time skiing together. Thank you Amy Tsuhako for being my co-tour leader. We had plenty of food, drinks, snacks and good company.

The San Jose group had a new departure site. Due to a new property management, we are no longer allowed to park over night at Fourth Street Bowl. Thanks to Jennifer Kaneda, 17 of our members were able to park in a secure location near the Specialty Bakery at North 1st Street and Trimble Road.

Nisei Ski Club had a successful trip to Sun Peaks where our President, Armand Gutierrez, guided 23 people. He’s doing a repeat performance on planning at trip to Jackson Hole for the 2015 week trip. If you never been on a week long trip, it’s good to save up your vacation days and take advantage of it.  There’s plenty of people to ski with and a good way to know your fellow members.

What does the future holds for us? Do I plan 1 or 2 trips for next year? Well I guess its all depends on the snowfall and how many of you are can go on both trips.

There’s still a few more weeks before the resorts close. So let me know if anyone wants to go to Tahoe for the weekend.

2014 California Senior Winter Games

By Rick Dumlao

The California Senior Winter Games is held every year at Bear

Valley Ski Resort and I’ve been participating for about four years now.  I enjoy it with lots of other “mature” skiers and snowboarders and you don’t have to be good skier or a competitive skier.  If you are an intermediate or better skier over 50 years old, then you can do this!  The age divisions are in 5-year increments starting at 50 years old, and the oldest competitor this year was 74.  The divisions are split up for men and women, and the events are giant slalom, slalom, and dual side by side slalom.  All of these races occur over the two days of the weekend.

This year I managed to win a gold medal in the giant slalom, but then got eliminated Rick - 1st Placein the dual side by side slalom.  I like the format of the races because you’re up against people your own age and you don’t have to compete against some hot-shot kid in his/her 30’s or 40’s.  There is usually a lot of joking around at the top of the course while waiting your turn to run the course.  At the award ceremonies, you get to stand on the podium for a picture suitable for hanging on the refrigerator, and bragging rights amongst your fellow skiers/boarders.   The races are fun, you meet lots of like-aged and like-minded people, and you get to challenge yourself and ability, which is always good for improving your skiing/boarding.  If you decide to go next year, bring your families and friends for support to cheer you on and make it an enjoyable weekend.

Editor’s 2014 March Madness

Welcome to Daylight Savings Time 2014!

Enjoy the extra sunlight hours!


The сочи Olympics are over and congrats to all the competitors, American and others.

Lots of ski & snowboarding news this month.  First off, we have President Armand’s Membership and Sun Peaks report  and President’s March Message  which includes highlights of the Sun Peaks week trip. Armand and Curtis are in Zermatt, Switzerland this week skiing with Far West Ski Association of which Nisei is a member, and by the transitive property, so are you!  I expect a full report from our Swiss Matterhorn skiers next month’s newsletter.

NSC Sun Peaks Members with Olympian Nancy Greene
Photo credit : Bill Pseudonym

Sun Peaks

Speaking of Sun Peaks…. David “Lambo” Miura has provided us with this Pulitzer Prize caliber report, perchance that’s a bit hyperbolic, how about Great Bathroom reading worthy report, the “Lambo Sun Peaks Report”.

It’s been rumored that anytime Armand leads a trip, someone gets injured. Well…. I’ll let you read Dave’s report and see the pictures and you can see if this is a fair assessment.

Skiing Français

Your’s truly, your intrepid N.E., spent a week at Serre Chevalier in the French Alpes in mid February.  Luckily for me, it had snowed considerably just before I arrived, so there was an abundance of deep snow.  Lots of “hors piste”, trees and out of bounds skiing with a guide was done. Just to whet your appetite for Alpes skiing, here are some mountain stats: 63 lifts & a vertical drop of 5,249 feet.  That’s almost twice that of Squaw Valley’s 2389′ and more than Jackson Hole’s 4105′ – Did I mention Jackson Hole???? See Armand’s President’s message for the big red tram connection! And, I don’t mean Heavenly Valley’s tram.



Grady and 2/3s of the Langs

Tahoe Weekend Trip (Feb 28-Mar 2)

“Social” Club

Last weekend, 30 some odd ( and I do mean “ODD“) Nisei and Monterey Drinking and Social MSSC Link), endured a 7  hour plus bus ride to Reno on Friday night due to the lots of traffic and chain controls - Thank You Grady!!!. Fortunately, there was plenty of food and drinks (particularly beer) on board as well as scintillating conversation with acquaintances, new and old.  Tour leaders, Karen Soo, NSC Trip Director, and Amy Lew (no relationship) as always, outdid themselves with scrumptious dinners and breakfasts.Saturday, we skied and rode on surprising good snow coverage at Alpine Meadows.  We had such a good time, one or two members stayed on the mountain until, I believe, the lifts closed!

Sunday, we went to Northstar which, except for the lowest elevation runs, also had good coverage, albeit sometimes icy as there it was snowing at the upper elevations and sometimes raining at the lower slopes.  Nonetheless, we had a wonderful weekend playing in the snow! Sooooo, those of you who didn’t go, you missed a snowtastic weekend.

Bill “Pseudonym” L. took the following  pictures  [Photos Link ] and videos [Videos Link].

April 6 – Saint Joseph’s Hill Hike -

Last but not least, don’t forget about Hoyt’s Saint Joseph’s Hill hike on April 6.

Great views of Lexington Reservoir to the West at the start and a sweeping view of the Santa Clara Valley to the East at the top.  There will still be monkey flowers, Scotch broom and remnants from the vineyards that supplied sacramental wine for the Novitiate in Los Gatos many years ago.

For details, see Hoyt’s hike description.

~ Until next month – “Happy Trails to you” …~

March, 2014 President’s Message

~ the Grand Poobah, President Armand Gutierrez ~

As we are now entering March, the ski season is beginning to wind down for many. Ski shops are starting their “clearance sales”, and we just completed our NSC Weekend trip to Alpine Meadows and Northstar. But, that doesn’t mean the ski season is over. If Mother Nature cooperates perhaps there will be more rain in the Bay Area and snow in Tahoe, so don’t put your skis away just yet. I’ll be joining fellow NSCers on the FWSA Zermatt Ski Week from 6-15 March and hopefully return to Tahoe for a few more ski trips.


Sun Peaks Ski Week

The NSC Ski Week at Sun Peaks was a great trip and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the three mountains that offered a variety of runs. This was new territory for everyone as this was the first time NSC had visited Sun Peaks. One of the highlights of the trip was skiing with Canadian Olympian (1968 Winter Olympics, gold and silver medalist) Nancy Greene.

Olympian Nancy Greene

Every Sunday she invites skiers to join her on an informal tour of the mountain, and most of the NSC members were there to join her on the first day of skiing. Incidentally, Nancy is 70 years old, a Canadian Senator for British Columbia, and I’m sure she could out ski most anyone in our group. During the week we finally figured out the shortest route to the ski lifts (Morissey was the closest) and the shortest route back to the condos. Additional details of the trip can be found on the Sun Peaks Ski Week Report and David Miura’s Sun Peaks Report.


Board Nominations

Now that it’s March it’s time to think about Board Nominations for the 2014-15 season. If anyone has an interest in joining the board for the next season and has questions about what it entails then just drop a note to any of the current board members, or perhaps you have someone in mind to nominate for the board. Please keep in mind that the Nisei Ski Club relies on volunteers to be on the board and undertake the running of the club. It’s not all work and no play. Board meetings are fairly informal and afterwards we usually go out for lunch and talk about skiing or upcoming club events.

March, 2014 Membership + Sun Peaks Ski Week Report

~ Presidente Armand Gutierrez ~

Membership Activity

Like January there was little activity for February, although we did get one new member that needed to join NSC so he can be on the FWSA trip to Zermatt, Switzerland. Our membership currently stands at 52 members.

Sun Peaks Ski Week

The Sun Peaks ski week was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that went. Although there was not as much snow as I had hoped for, there were several days with new powder on the ground, one morning that had a freezing rain that froze on our goggles, and plenty of days with blue skies and shadows on the ground. The weather was very cooperative and temperatures where in the low-mid teens most of the time with a few days in the 20’s. This, in contrast to the previous two weeks when temps where in the below zero range.

After our introductory tour of the mountain on the first morning, the group did ski with Canadian Olympian Nancy Greene as she showed us the mountain and gave us a few tips on where the best snow was to be found. There was one injury one the trip where David Uyeda, on his last day of skiing, successfully handled a black diamond mogul run only to fall onto the cat track at the bottom and suffer a dislocated shoulder. The Farewell Dinner on Friday was held at the Cahilty Creek Bar & Grill and everyone enjoyed the dinner offerings as well the complementary first round of libations thanks to the boys in Condo 40.

I would like to thank every one of the Sun Peaks participants for the great gifts (winter fleece pullover, Sun Peaks T-shirt, and a 49er jacket) bestowed upon me at the dinner and rest assured they will be used often. This was a memorable trip for me as I think I managed to ski with just about everyone on the trip at one time or another.

Many people are inquring: “where are we going next year?” Well, looks like a return trip to Jackson Hole is in the stars since NSC last graced the slopes there in 2001.






NSC 2014 Sun Peaks Report

~ byline: David “Lambo” Miura ~

Twenty-four intrepid skiers led by President Armand Gutierrez traveled to Sun Peaks Resort in eastern British Columbia, Canada for a week of skiing. The flights to Kelowna were uneventful (other than Gary Yee’s flight that got cancelled, forcing him to arrive a day later) as was the slightly heated bus ride to the resort. When we first arrived, it was terribly cold but the weather warmed up during the week.

Sun Peaks is composed of three mountains, and many took advantage of the free Mountain Host Tours divided into ability levels and led by local volunteers. On our first day of skiing we took advantage of the Host Tour in the morning, and in the afternoon we had the opportunity to ski with the resort’s celebrity champion, Olympic gold & silver medal winner Nancy Greene. She is a sitting Senator representing British Columbia in the Canadian Parliament and travels weekly between Sun Peaks and Ottawa. But don’t be fooled by this enthusiastic little 70-year-old lady. She skis very, very fast!


Unlike the sunny conditions that greeted us the day before, Monday was cold and overcast with a steady snowfall. What was most unusual about that day was the new experience of having ice coat one’s goggles after a few seconds of skiing. Everybody had to stop frequently to scrape the ice off with their fingernails, or for our richer members, with their platinum credit cards.

In the evenings, several condo groups ventured out to try the local restaurants in the village. People gave positive reviews for Powder Hounds (German), Cahilty Creek Bar & Brill, Oya (Japanese), Mountain High Pizza, and Bottom’s Bar & Grill (a favorite watering-hole), but thumbs down to Bella Italia (Italian). The mid-mountain Sunburst Lodge and Bento’s Day Lodge at the bottom of the hill both served fresh and delicious cinnamon buns that were so big that four people could easily share one.


Can You Find Frank & Lansing?

This year, instead of a custom Marmot fleece pullover with the NSC logo, Karen Soo arranged for people to be able to choose between that and something else from the catalog. Frank Chang and Lansing Lee both chose a yellow daypack, and with their grey helmets, blue jackets, and black pants, they looked like brothers skiing down the mountain. Judy Hom and Winston Fong joined us for the first time in many years, and it was a welcome sight to see Winston’s bright trademark yellow jumpsuit on the slopes.

Before Treatment

After Re-Setting

Armand claims that there is always at least one injury on the trips that he leads, and unfortunately that was the case at Sun Peaks. A group of skiers made their way down the Agitator (a black diamond mogul run between Static Cling and Spin Cycle), and David Uyeda successfully negotiated the bumps but then at the bottom fell onto the cat track and dislocated his shoulder. After being examined at First Aid, he was transported to Kamloops to have everything put back into place. Thanks to Roland Lee, who accompanied David to the hospital and back.

Before we knew it, Friday had arrived and we were enjoying our farewell banquet at Cahilty Creek Bar & Grill. Armand announced that the club is considering going to Jackson Hole next year, which was well received. Thanks to Armand for leading a successful trip, to Karen Soo for securing the trip souvenirs, and to all of the NSC board members for their support.




For more pics – click this link : Sun Peaks Pictures