January 2015 Membership & Jackson Hole Report

~ Da Prez – Armand Gutierrez ~

Membership Activity

As expected, there were no new memberships for the month of December. However, now that the sMinionski season has started and the Tahoe area looks promising perhaps we’ll get a few more signups for our two weekend bus trips. Currently we have 92 members in the club.


JH LogoJackson Hole Ski Week (24-31 January 2015)

Our ski week trip to Jackson Hole is rapidly approaching and there’s plenty of snow to satisfy your skiing needs! A recent check showed a base depth over 70” and compares with base depths of 32” at Heavenly, 42” at Squaw and 18” at Northstar. Hopefully you will have the opportunity to get in a few ski days prior to our departure.

Thanks to the many members that dropped by Casa Gutierrez for the Jackson Hole Orientation Meeting held on December

Corbet's Couloir

Corbet’s Couloir

13th. It was great seeing a bunch of members that I normally don’t see except during our picnics and the ski weeks. I’m looking forward to skiing with as many members as I can during this trip, unless, of course, you’re planning on jumping into Corbet’s Couloir. That would take a considerable amount of persuasion.

Ed. Note: for your entertainment, watch this Corbet’s video:

CORBET’S Couloir – One Epic Day

December 2014 President’s Message

~ President Armand Gutierrez ~

Dogs on Ski liftLet the winter season begin! Yes, it’s been snowing up at Lake Tahoe and the predicted weather for the next few weeks includes rainstorms in the Bay Area and snowstorms in the Tahoe region. Are you ready for the ski season? I am. At the end of last season I purchased new skis, bindings, and boots. To many of my friends that know me well, they’re breathing a sigh of relief that I have finally upgraded my ancient skis (Atomic 922s and Tecnica boots).

Jackson Hole TramOur ski week trip to Jackson Hole is just around the corner and they have been receiving quite a bit of snow. In fact, the “red tram” is in operation and the mountain is 100% open. There have been quite a few improvements and Ski Magazine rates Jackson Hole as the #1 Overall Resort.

Dan Lew is back from his vacation and producing the December newsletter and all future newsletters ‘till the end of our season. Dan has been at this for four years now and has decided to pass the baton to a new newsletter editor for the next season. With that in mind, the board would like to ask if there are any volunteers who would like to be the newsletter editor. It’s not a difficult job and only requires a few days of your time at the end of the month.

Code of Conduct
At our last board meeting we reviewed and approved the Code of Conduct that Brian Hess produced. Please review the Code of Conduct, which will apply to all NSC-sponsored events.

Snow/Road Conditions Web Site
Snow PlowDid you know that Caltrans has over a thousand cameras monitoring various roadway sections across California? Over the years I’ve found this website to be helpful when planning my trips up to Tahoe. The website, presented by Caltrans, offers a number of webcams that show road conditions in real-time. For example, to check on road conditions in the Lake Tahoe area follow these steps:

1. Go to http://video.dot.ca.gov.
2. Click on “Sacramento and Tahoe Traffic Camera Map”.
3. Use the magnification slider on the left side to zoom in on Lake Tahoe.
4. Select a “red camera” (i.e. Tahoe Vista).
5. When the image appears click on the triangle on the left side and see the image in real-time.
6. Note, not all camera images provide the real-time feature or an image may not be available.
7. Zoom in and you can see the lifts and runs at the ski resorts.

Holly LeavesNew Years

It’s been a great year for NSC and I would like to thank all the
volunteers that contributed their time for making our events successful. As we enter the Christmas season I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

How Sweet It Is…Trip Director’s Report

~ Karen Soo – Trip Director ~

The Giants wins the World Series, the Panda is heading to the Boston Red Sox and rain is starting to fall in the Bay Area. The recent storms that had blown through the area, continues to drop fresh snow in the Tahoe area.

Get your skis tuned and sharpened and get ready for a new season.

Squaw ALpineNorthStarSugarBowl
Our sign-up sheet is currently active on the Nisei Ski Club website. Please note the ski destination resort has been revised.

» Trip 1 – February 27 – March 1st (Squaw Valley / Northstar (*Race day)
» Trip 2 - March 13 – 15 (Alpine Meadows / Sugar bowl)

We are offering a $10.00 discount if you sign up for both trips and send in your forms before January 15, 2015.

San Jose - We are still looking for a new area to park our cars for the weekend ski trips. Preferably close to 880 North.
Let me know if you have available parking at your work facility.

December 13, 2014: Alpine Meadows with BAC is hosting a Club Appreciation Day!
There is no other work you need to do . . . just show up at Alpine Meadows & Have Fun!

No Advance Reservations ~ Pay The Morning of the Event!

Like a Race Weekend, there will be a special location at Alpine Meadows and only certain hours in the morning when the following will be available to any member of a club in the BAC or Sierra League.

Date: Saturday December 13, 2014
Location: Alpine Meadows 7:00- 8:30am

* Price Includes; Lift Ticket, Lunch Voucher ($15.00 Value) and a Fun Race!
$62.00 for 23 – 64 years old
$52.00 for 13 ~ 22 or 65 – 75 years old
$38.00 for 5 – 12 or 76 and above

Alpine/Squaw Season Pass Holders can pick up the Lunch Voucher ($15.00 Value) for $12.00 during check in.

A Learn to Ski or Board Beginner Package is also available!
Discounted Lift Tickets ~ Everyone wants to save money and visit world class ski resorts. We have people from around the globe who travel thousands of miles to experience the slopes in our backyard ~ the Greater Lake Tahoe Region! During the days of our Recreational Races, all members of our club can get Incredible Savings on Lift Tickets!

The key is they have to arrive early (usually by 8:30am) at the resort and go where they are selling the Discounted Lift Tickets to us.

On our Recreational Race Days ~ discounted Lift Tickets are projected to be around $60.00 per day at Squaw, Alpine, North Star and Sugar Bowl!

If you do not race, you can still purchase the discounted lift ticket during the Recreational Race Days take advantage of these great savings. See 2015 Race Schedule. This is a benefit from the Bay Area Ski Council

*We’re going to Northstar on March 1st / Sunday. Care to race?

Marmot Down Jacket – Size Large / BLACK. Worn only 3 times
Marmot 72050 Yukon Classic Parka. Original Price is $450.00 – for sale $150.00

Here is a brief description at REI

FREE MUSEUM DAY – This Sunday, December 7th at California Academy of Science in San Francisco

Doors open at 11:00am. Be on line at 10:00am


For more info, please email Karen at tripdirector@niseiskiclub.org

Have a safe and happy holiday season with your family and friends. Enjoy and see you next year.

Karen Soo
Nisei Ski Club Trip Director

December, 2014 Membership Report & Jackson Hole Report

~ Da Prez, Armand Gutierrez ~

1. Membership Activity

I guess it’s never too late to join NSC as we have one new member who joined in November. I’m hopeful that as the winter season progresses with impressive snowfall we’ll have more people join us on our weekend ski trips. Currently, we have 92 members in the club.

I would like to welcome the following new member:
• Rodney Jeong

Jackson Hole Tram
2. Jackson Hole Ski Week (24-31 January 2015)

Well, what can I say? It’s been snowing in Jackson Hole and by the time we get there our “winter wonderland” will beckon us to immerse ourselves in snowflake heaven. Be sure to check out the Jackson Hole webcams (http://www.jacksonhole.com, and click on webcams) to see what awaits us.

The Jackson Hole Orientation Meeting at Casa Gutierrez will be held on Saturday, December 13th, so look for an Evite with all the details. Please try and make it to so you can meet other members and pick up your souvenir jacket. If you’re going to Jackson Hole and haven’t received an Evite then please contact me at : president@niseiskiclub.org.

Bay Area Snow Sport Council Recreational Race Schedule 2015

Lindsey Vonn
Hey Racers, you could be the next Lindsey Vonn!!! Here’s the 2015 Bay Area Snow Sport Council (BAC) race schedule for the 2015 season:
2014-2015 BAC Race Schedule 2015

Nisei Ski Club Code of Conduct

The Nisei Ski Club is a group designed to facilitate events in which all participants can enhance their experience of the event through sharing it with like-minded individuals. While every individual has the right to the full enjoyment of the group, there are times when one person’s enjoyment could come at the expense of another person. Intentional or not, behavior that causes problems for others or the club cannot be allowed. For the sake of clarity, here are examples of non-acceptable and encouraged behaviors:

 Alcohol and tobacco are permitted in moderation, environment permitting.
 Harassment of any nature, verbal, physical, or visual, will not be tolerated.
 Conduct adversely affecting the life, safety, or well-being of others or their property will not be accepted.
 No illegal activity of any kind will be tolerated.
 Participants’ giving each other respect at all events, treating each person as he or she wishes to be treated, is encouraged.
 Members representing Nisei Ski Club to those not in the club should conduct themselves courteously.
 On trips and at events, participants shall follow the direction of the trip leader or event organizer.

This is by a no means a complete list. If there is a conflict of opinions about something not expressly mentioned, the trip manager or the event organizer will Any member of Nisei Ski Club who wishes to report any perceived violations of conduct, may do so to the board by emailing nscboard@yahoogroups.com.

Failure to adhere to these conduct expectations may lead to actions up to and including expulsion from the club without recourse.

President’s Message

The Tahoe region has received its first decent snowfall and several resorts have already indicated opening dates by the end of November. Weather forecasts look promising as low-pressure systems move in and provide us with rain in the bay area and snow up at Tahoe. Let’s hope Mother Nature comes through with plenty of snow this season.

Code of Conduct

At our last board meeting Brian Hess presented a draft of our new Code of Conduct and was reviewed by the board. The draft was well written and required a few minor changes. At our November board meeting we’ll be reviewing the final copy and then have it published by the December Newsletter.

BAC Winterfest Meeting

This was the 6th annual winter festival held on Monday, 3 November, and was attended by board members Karen Soo, Curtis Otaguro, Frank Chang, and yours truly. The purpose of the winter festival is to meet with ski resort and industry reps, silent auction and raffle, and enjoy a great dinner with other BAC representatives from bay area ski clubs. Karen Soo won several of the raffle prizes while I got outbid on the Big White and Whitefish ski trips on the silent auction. We also met with reps from Sun Peaks, Whistler/Blackcomb, Mt. Bachelor, Telluride, Homewood, Squaw/Alpine, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Sugarbowl, and Mammoth.

Membership Report + Jackson Hole Report

  1. Membership Activity

Normally October, and following months, doesn’t usually have new/returning members join but we did get one returning member that wanted to go on the Jackson Hole trip. Yes, there’s still some interest for Jackson Hole but that will probably come to an end now that we’ve passed the deadline for signups. Currently we have 91 members in the club.

I would like to welcome the following returning member:  Eden Wong

  1. Jackson Hole Ski Week (24-31 January 2015)

With the latest signup we now have 74 intrepid skiers waiting for the chance to demonstrate their skiing abilities on the slopes of Jackson Hole (Corbet’s Couloir anyone?). Now that the deadline for signups has passed I don’t anticipate any more people signing up, plus the extra airline seats had to be released by the end of October. Although there is room in some of the condos getting an airline seat may be difficult at this time (but still possible). Here are some interesting facts about our trip:

  • 41 people departing from SFO
  • 33 people opted for Land Only (but some are also departing SFO)
  • 3 people are driving
  • Out of state members: Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada, British Columbia, and Mexico

Arrangements for our Farewell Dinner are in progress and I hope to be receiving the souvenir gifts soon so that they can be embroidered with our NSC logo. I’m also planning on having an Orientation Meeting at my house either in December (13th or 14th) or January (10th or 11th) so keep those weekends available.

Don’t forget to download the Jackson Hole mobile app called JH Tapped. This app provides a comprehensive all-season guide to Jackson Hole and includes webcams, trail maps, weather conditions, and lift status just to name a few. You can download this app for your tablet or smartphone from the Jackson Hole website (http://www.jacksonhole.com). Click on “mobile app” in the top row for a complete description and how to download.

Club Appreciation Day

Alpine Meadowsgoofy
BAC & Sierra League
Saturday, December 13, 2014

Goal of the Nisei Ski Club:

  1. We Want To Build Membership in Our Clubs
  2. We Want To Retain the Current Membership in Our Clubs
  3. We Want To Encourage Clubs to Have A Race Team & Racers
  4. We Want Everyone To Have Fun!

Alpine Meadows is assisting the Bay Area Snow Sports Council (BAC) & Sierra League to accomplish all of the above!

Included is a Lift Ticket & Lunch Voucher ($15.00 Value) ~ Plus ~ A FUN RACE!

$62.00 for ages 23 to 64
$52.00 for ages 13 to 22 ~ or ages 65 to 75
$38.00 for ages 12 and under ~ or ~ 76 and above

For those who have never skied or boarded before there is a Learn to Ski / Board option!

Cost: $61.00 for all ages which includes 2hr 15 minute lesson, beginner lift ticket and rental equipment.

It does include the Lunch Voucher ($15.00 Value) but not the Fun Race. 

These lessons are offered at either 10:00AM or 1:00PM and must be signed up for in advance.

Final details for signing up for the lessons and when and where to purchase your Club Appreciate Package at Alpine Meadows on Saturday December 13, 2014 are still being finalized.

Cross your fingers, toes & skis for SNOW!

Please contact Karen Soo at tripdirector@niseiskiclub.org

(click to see flyer)_BAC_Appreciation_Day.pdf



The leaves are starting to change their colors. The air is getting cooler. Football season is on. A good indication that fall is here and the best part… The Giants are heading to the World Series. It’s time to start planning our 2015 weekend trips.

Putting all the holiday obstacles aside (Presidents Day weekend, Daylight Savings, Easter Break) I had narrowed down the weekend dates for 2015. We will have 2 weekend trips. We need 35 people to make our weekend trips happen.

Trip 1 – February 27 – March 1st (Alpine / Northstar)

Trip 2 – March 13 – 15 (Squaw Valley / Sugar bowl)

Due to rising cost of gas these days, the cost of the weekend trips will go up slightly. We will do our best to keep the prices down.

The weeklong trip to Jackson Hole led by Armand G is at its full capacity with 74 people on the trip.   If you are interested in going, we can only put you on the waiting list.

There are a couple of ski shows coming up in the bay area. Snow Bomb Festival will be held at the following areas.  http://www.snowbomb.com/ski-board-festivals/

  • Fort Mason during the weekend of Nov 1 and 2
  • San Jose Convention Center weekend of Nov 8th and 9th
  • Sacramento – Cal Expo Center Nov 15 -16

If you like to attend these shows for free and get the freebies with it. You only need to volunteer for 2 to 3 hours and promote the clubs who are members of BAC. More info to follow.

New Benefits: Nisei Ski Club is a member of the Bay Area Ski Council, which is a member of the Far West Ski Association. With this being said, Sugar Bowl will offer a free CORE pass ($20.00 Value) to all club members who show FWSA membership cards for the 2014-2015 season. I will distribute these cards at the Jackson Hole weeklong trip and weekend trips.

The core pass will help you save on your lift ticket purchases and skip the ticket lines.

All Daily CORE tickets include free membership in the CORE Rewards Program, offering special perks, deals and discounts. Plus Daily CORE pas holders enjoy direct-to-lift convenience so you’ll never have to wait in a ticket line again!

Please email Karen Soo at tripdirector@niseiskiclub.org for more information.