Karen Soo

Nineteen NSC members and friends met on a beautiful Sunday morning at the Emeryville Marina parking lot where we rode the Bay Bridge Pedestrian Bike trail. To many, it was their first-time riding across the Eastern span of the Bay Bridge to Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island.

We departed from the parking around 10:30am and as soon as we got on to Powell Street, one person had a flat tire. Curtis O took the liberty to ride as the sweeper and took time to see what was the problem. Apparently, there was a slow leak in the tire and within10 minutes, we were ready to roll again.

We rode through Bay Street and enter the bay trail where we started the slow climb on to the bridge. The faster riders led the pack and others on their mountain bikes took their time.

The weather was beautiful with blue skies and sunshine. There was a nice cool breeze in the air. You can tell that Fall was just around the corner.

We took a few group pictures along the way and regrouped at Yerba Buena Island. There were 2 options to Treasure Island. Either ride down hill on a single car lane or take the free shuttle van that can take up to 10 riders and their bikes. Safety First…

We gathered for more group pictures and admired the San Francisco skyline from where we were standing. We continued riding with views of the city and a lot of abandon buildings.

By the time we finished our ride, it was time for lunch. We found a nice spot facing the San Francisco skyline. Everyone wolfed down their trip tip sandwiches. Our part time vegetarian NSC member, Jim T was treated to a grill vegetable sandwich. Food was provided by Taste Soo Good Catering.

People ate their lunch while talking to fellow riders and enjoyed the good weather and the view.

After eating lunch, it was time to go back and people had the option to ride up the hill or take the shuttle back. Riding back on the bridge was easier. Mostly it was coasting all the way back downhill.

We all met back at the parking lot, where we had drinks and snacks. A big thank to those who brought snacks to share.

One minor mishap: David T had 2 flat tires on the same tire. We were only 2 miles from the parking lot. It was Amy to the rescue. She road back to get the car to pick up her man. GO AMY.

We rode about 15 -17 miles. It’s a short ride but it was a beautiful day to be outside to enjoy the view. By the way, the rider with the slow lead tire made it back also.

Giving rules of the road


Riding through Treasure Island


Free shuttle van


View of the Bay Bridge heading west


Lunch time


Flat tire


Group shot on Treasure Island