~ President Armand Gutierrez ~

Membership Activity

There was no activity for March. Since the club season is coming to an end any new memberships will probably take place in May.

Jackson Hole Ski Week (January 24-31, 2015)

The last time NSC was at Jackson Hole was Feb 24 – Mar 3, 2001 when Douglas Higashi took NSC with 64 participants. A Thank-You to Judy Hom for sending me the brochure from that trip, which lists a schedule of events, condo list, rental info, etc. Perhaps some of those participants would be interested in a reunion at Jackson Hole next year?

Arrangements for the Jackson Hole ski trip are well on its way. Due to the early and enormous airline bookings by travel agents I was unable to secure any seats at a reasonable price. So, in order to level the playing field I’ll be working with Matt Hollis from Sports America. Flight arrangements have been made so the next order of business will be to secure lodging and ground transportation. Stay tuned for the JH flyer coming soon in the newsletter.