Karen Soo – NSC Trip Director

What an exciting weekend. The 49ers were the favorite to win the 47th annual Super bowl in New Orleans. There was so much buzz after the famous stadium  “BLACKOUT “at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Was it Beyoncé’s strut that pulled the plug or was it Alex Smith with devil horns that turned the power off? Every 49ers fan in the bay area was jumping out of their seats when they scored their two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter.

Sorry for the reminder, but the 49ers did not win the Super bowl. They just ran out of time.  Jim Haubaugh will continue lead the the 49ers to more victories. Colin Kaepernick will continue to shine next year. The 49ers are a strong team and they will come back next year.

Are the Nisei Ski Club weekend trips coming back next year?? Well that’s another story.  We got the greatest snow conditions, we scheduled three weekend trips for the 2013 season and we had the dates and destinations picked out. One problem, we are not getting our 30 sign ups to fill the bus.

We had to cancelled Trip 1, (Feb 8-10) three weeks prior to the departure date because we had only 13 sign ups. It looks like trip 2 is not going to meet the quota either unless we get 15 more people to sign up by this coming weekend.

Trip 3 for Mach 22-24 weekend – same story here – A low turnout with only 12 people.

I even asked the members who signed up for trip 1 to see if they would be interested in going on a day trip.  Only 5 people said they are willing to try out a local Bay Area Bus Trips.

Could this be an end of an era?  I know the 49ers are coming back next year but will the Nisei Ski Club?? The NSC officers will continue to support the weeklong trips for 2014 until that loses interest too.

We will continue work on non-ski events during the off season.  Just a reminder that this is a volunteer job for each and all of the officers and board members.

If anyone wants to go skiing in the coming weekends, please send me an email.

Happy New Year to you and your family..

Karen Soo aka NSC Trip director