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July 2017 – President’s Message

Armand Gutierrez, NSC President

It’s summer time and the warm-to-hot weather is perfect for all the summer activities – golfing, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, or whatever it is that gets you outside. As we start a new NSC season I would like everyone to think about why you joined NSC. Was it to ski with friends? What about attending social events (e.g. wine tasting, potluck dinner, etc.)? Although NSC sponsors a variety of hikes during the summer, there aren’t any other activities that involve the membership in a group venue. Perhaps this year we, as a club, can work on coming up with more social venues. If you have any ideas on a social event or would like to sponsor a social event then please let me, or a member of the board, know. NSC is not just “a ski club”; we are also a social organization.

NSC Annual Membership Meeting and Luau Picnic, June 24th

Once again we had a great turnout for our annual membership meeting and Luau picnic, and the weather was most cooperative. This year I made it to the finals and went against Kathy Ito for the Left-Center-Right game that Karen sponsored. But alas, it was not meant to be for me to bring home the grand prize. Congratulations to Kathy Ito for being the big winner, and thanks to everyone that showed up and had a great time.

Upcoming Events

Mt. View Obon Festival – July 15th and 16th.
This is an annual volunteer event that NSC participates in and is always a fun event. After all, there’s a variety of food, carnival-style games, cultural events, lots of people, and the famous Beer Booth. There’s room for a few more volunteers to work at the festival so look for the flyer in the newsletter or contact Karen Soo (

Vail Ski Week 2018

Good news for the Vail trip! We are now flying Southwest to Denver, which means no baggage fees (for first two pieces) and a cost savings on airline fares. An updated Vail flyer has been posted on the website that provides all the details on the new Southwest flight numbers/times. Take a look at the flyer and make that all-important decision to be on this trip. There’s still time to get the Tahoe Local Pass through Sports America (, which will be good for five days skiing at Vail, plus skiing at Northstar, Heavenly Valley, and Kirkwood.

Happy July 4th


We choose hope over fear. We see the future not as something out of our control, but as something we can shape for the better through concerted and collective effort.

Barack Obama

June 2017 – President’s Message

Armand Gutierrez, NSC President

June has arrived and that signifies the start of the 2017-2018 NSC season. Since there were no new nominations and all board members agreed to serve once again, then this season will be a continuation of last season. Thanks to all of you that took the time to vote.

Election Results

The 2017-2018 election results are as follows:

President – Armand Gutierrez Board Member – Brian Hess
Vice President – Hoyt Nelson Board Member – Allen Hu
Treasurer – Frank Chang Board Member – Sandy Kiyomura
Trip Director – Karen Soo Board Member – Curtis Otaguro
Membership – Greg Wong Board Member – Dave Schultz
Newsletter Editor – Judy Hom
Phishing Attempts

Last month Frank Chang started receiving emails from yours truly. He quickly noticed various discrepancies and contacted me to confirm that I sent them, and I responded that I had not. Read about his experiences with phony emails.

Upcoming Events

NSC Annual Membership Meeting and Luau Picnic, June24th
Mark this down in your calendar for the NSC Annual Picnic on June 24th at Las Palmas park in Sunnyvale (same place as last year). See the flyer in the newsletter and the Evite invitations have already been sent out. If you don’t get an Evite in your email then please let me know (

Mt. View Obon Festival is on July 15th and 16th. This is an annual volunteer event that NSC participates in and is always a fun event. After all, there’s a variety of food, carnival-style games, cultural events, lots of people, and the famous Beer Booth. There’s room for a few more volunteers to work the Beer Booth so contact Karen Soo.

Vail Ski Week 2018
Plans are moving smoothly for the Vail ski week trip for 2018. Take a look at the flyer and make that all-important decision to be on this trip. You might also consider getting the Tahoe Local Pass (, which will be good for five days skiing at Vail, plus skiing at Northstar, Heavenly Valley, and Kirkwood.

FWSA Trois Vallee Ski Week 2018
Trois Vallee
As a member of NSC you are eligible to participate in any of the FWSA/BAC ski trips. For 2018, FWSA is going to Trois Vallee (three valleys), France, and is the largest ski area in the world connected solely by ski lifts and slopes. There are 370 miles of ski slopes, 183 ski lifts, and home to eight ski resorts (Courchevel, La Tania, Brides les Bains, Meribel, St. Martin DeBelleville, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, and Orelle) that are linked together by a network of ski lifts and ski runs. FWSA has chosen Brides les Bains as the ski resort for accommodations. There is also a second week extension that will be visiting Lyon, Beaune and Paris. I’m planning on going on this trip and if anyone is interested in joining me then drop me a line at

Phony Emails

Frank Chang, Treasurer
Just a heads up…someone has been using Armand’s NSC board member email alias [] to send phony emails. I have received 3 phony emails sent to my alias []. The date and content of each email is shown below. I knew right away that the first email was bogus because Armand is not a “Cheers” kind of guy. Maybe “Later Dude”, but not “Cheers”. Furthermore, Armand doesn’t send emails using [] and he’s not an iPhone user. Besides changing our aliases, there’s nothing much we can do. I haven’t responded to any of these emails, so hopefully this hacker will give up. But please watch out for suspicious emails from anyone using “”…

From: Armand Gutierrez []
4/26/17 – Frank Important Notice!
Hi Frank,

Kindly give me an update on the available account balances, and do we have any payments left to pay? Reply me as soon as you get this.


5/1/17 – Wire transfer request
Hello Frank,

I need to know if you’re available at the moment. There is an urgent wire transfer i need you to process before the wire deadline today. Email me back right here and let me know what details is needed.

Armand Gutierrez

Sent from my iPhone

5/22/17 – PAYMENT REQUEST!!!!
Hi Frank,

Good Morning, How are you? I need you to process a payment today. Do let me know if you are available.

Armand Gutierrez

July 2017 – Volunteers Needed for Mountain View Obon

Karen Soo, Trip Director

2013 Mountain View Obon Festival GirlThe Mountain View Obon Festival is July 15 and 16. NSC provides volunteers for beer booth at the Mountain View Obon Festival every year. We need 4-6 volunteers per shift. If you’re interested in signing up for this slot, please email Karen Soo.

noon-3pm 2 signed up, need 2-4 more
3pm-6pm 1 signed up, need 3-5 more
6pm-close need 4-6 more

For more information about the obon, visit the Mountain View Buddhist Temple website.

May 2017 – President’s Message

Armand Gutierrez, NSC President

May is upon us and that means it’s time to bring an end to the NSC 2016-2017 season. Like last year NSC had a pretty good season highlighted by a variety of accomplishments:

  • Volunteer participation at the annual Obon Festival in Mountain View
  • Volunteer participation at the annual Snowbomb Ski Shows
  • Coastal Cleanup at Crown Beach
  • Various hiking and picnic events
  • A very well-attended ski week to Snowmass

June marks the start of the NSC 2017-2018 season, and beginning this month you can take advantage of the $5 membership discount if you sign up and submit your membership form before May 31st. Please submit your applications to Greg Wong (Membership Chairman).

Since it’s the end of the ski season it’s time to start having our spring NSC events. Coming up, we have our annual Post-Season Annual Membership meeting and picnic on Saturday, June 24th. Be sure to gander at the flyer in this month’s newsletter for details.

Nominations & Elections

The nominations process has been completed and the next step is elections. The elections chairman tells me there were no nominations therefore the slate consists of the incumbents, and we’re fortunate that everyone on the board has agreed to serve again. However, voting is important and although there were no nominations you can still vote for a write-in candidate. Whether you’re voting for the incumbents or a write-in candidate, it’s important that you do vote. You will be receiving an email informing you to vote online using SurveyMonkey.

60th NSC Anniversary Vail Ski Week 2018

The Vail ski week is in progress and details will be announced soon. There is a preliminary contract but it includes airline pricing for United Airlines. Southwest hasn’t released their pricing yet but that would be the preferable airline. Quite a few people took advantage of purchasing the Tahoe Local Pass, which is good for five days skiing at Vail, plus unlimited skiing at Heavenly, Northstar (excluding Saturdays), and Kirkwood. It’s still not too late to get the Tahoe Local Pass at a great price. Go to the Sports America link: The Vail date is January 27 – February 3.

Renew Your Membership

Greg Wong, Membership Chairperson
The ski season is not yet over and Squaw Valley summit still has 246 inches of snow. They will be trying to stay open until July 4 but many other ski resorts have closed.

The Nisei Ski Club season has also ended. It has been a great year for those who went skiing with record snow fall and great conditions. The club’s only bus trip was canceled due to a lack of sign-ups. However, our trip director Karen Soo made the trip a go but without a bus. We went to Tahoe by car pooling and stayed in at Sands Hotel in Reno, our familiar lodging. The trip was a great adventure! We laughed, we talked, and we skied. We learned a lot about our fellow members.

This year, I went to Lake Tahoe 3 times with Nisei Ski Club members. We drove up just as the club did originally. This club has brought us skiers together and will keep bringing skiers together just as it has done for the last 60 years. So, now is the time to sign up for next year. We have the Vail Resorts week trip planned for next year. Karen Soo will try to schedule some weekend carpool trips again. We have our non-ski events in the planning. This is our anniversary year. Sign up before June 1, and there is a $5 discount.

NSC Picnic

thank you picnic-2017

Who: NSC members/ families and invited guests. Look for your Evite invitation in May.

What: Wear your favorite Hawaiian Shirts and Muu Muus and join us at our Annual meeting combined with a Luau picnic. NSC will fire up the grill with a BBQ luncheon. Soda, beer, and water will be provided. Attendees are welcome to bring side dish / dessert to share. Please email Karen Soo at and let her you know what you are bringing.

When: Saturday, June 24, 2017 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Where: Picnic area #1 in Las Palmas Park, 850 Russet Drive, Sunnyvale. For exact location and parking location, here’s the link to Las Palmas Park

Why: To update our membership on the club and its future plans and to enjoy a pleasant day together.

Cost: No $$, Just Bring (3) – $1.00 bills for our game of luck and chance

BAC Annual Oakland A’s Event – August 12, 2017

Sandy Kiyomura
BAC is hosting its twelfth annual Oakland A’s event. All proceeds over cost go to Society for disABILITIES. It’s Coliseum fireworks night. The seats are in field level, first base side, and great for viewing games and fireworks.

Date: August 12, 2017

  • $36 seats – Game starts at 6:05pm
  • $14 for TailBBQ + Raffle prize – Barbeque from 4-5:30pm

Deadline:July 10, 2017

For more information, click BAC A’s Event Flyer to download the flyer.

April 2017 – President’s Message

Armand Gutierrez, NSC President

Sad to say but April is here and that means the ski season is coming to a close. Most Tahoe resorts will be closed by the end of April (Northstar and Heavenly), and Mammoth is planning on staying open until July 4th (weather permitting). Squaw Valley usually offers the same closing date but it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Due to the abundance of snowfall this has been an extraordinary season. Hopefully you had a good ski season this year, whether it was at Tahoe or the Snowmass ski week.


Election-buntingWell, it’s that time again for holding our board nominations and elections for the 2017-2018 season. By now you’ve received an email for making your nominations for the board. As you know, volunteers run this club, and without them this club would cease to exist, and it’s been in existence for almost 60 years! You are encouraged to take this opportunity to nominate an individual for one, or more, of the board positions. All individuals that accept the nomination(s) will go through an election process in May, and final results will be announced at the annual June picnic. Ask any of the current board members and I’m sure they will tell you that by volunteering they get back more than they ever gave. By volunteering you will experience social benefits as well as provide a greater sense of self-worth, trust, and lots of fun. Many of you have served on the board in the past, and your efforts were greatly appreciated and perhaps you would like to join the board again. For those that have never served then perhaps now is the time to consider a board position and provide new ideas and useful experiences.

60th NSC Anniversary Vail Ski Week 2018

Yes, 2018 will be NSC’s 60th anniversary and Vail has been selected for our NSC ski week. Our last visit to Vail was in 2008, so I’m hoping to start an NSC tradition of visiting Vail on our ten-year anniversaries. If you’re considering Vail for next year then you might also want to look into getting the Tahoe Local (Epic Pass), which will be good for five days skiing at Vail, plus unlimited skiing at Heavenly, Northstar (excluding Saturdays), and Kirkwood. Tentative date is January 27 – February 3.