~~ President Armand ~~

Can you believe that Boreal opened up for a weekend of skiing before Thanksgiving? Typically, Thanksgiving weekend is when resorts open given enough snowfall. It may have been limited skiing but at least some people were able to get on the slopes and start off the ski season. Hopefully the weather patterns will continue to bring in cold fronts heavy with moisture and below freezing temperatures, which is just the right recipe for light, fluffy powder. Now that is Mother Nature at her best!

On Monday, November 11th (Veterans Day), Karen Soo, Frank Chang, and I attended the 5th Annual Bay Area Snow Sports Council Winter Festival Celebration Meeting at the Englander Restaurant in San Leandro. There were representatives from several ski resorts, raffle prizes, a silent auction, and a great dinner. Dennis Heffley, former President of BAC, gave recognition to all the veterans in attendance and then talked about the upcoming ski season and the offers from the various resorts. This was my first time at this event and it was a pleasant surprise to see some familiar faces from my previous ski week trips with FWSA (Chamonix and Innsbruck).

The FWSA Bay Area Council booth at the annual Snow Bomb Ski & Snow Festivals held at ATT Park and the San Jose Convention Center were well represented by Karen Soo/Curtis Otaguro (ATT) and Gary Lyon and myself (San Jose Convention Center).  Lots of people, lots of retailers, and quite a few people leaving with skis/snowboards, boots, and other ski-related goodies that they had just purchased. For details take a look at the Snow Bomb Festival write-up.  [Snow Bomb article]

Due to lack of signups the NSC Event at the Sports Basement in Sunnyvale on Friday, December 6th has been cancelled. Perhaps a Friday evening wasn’t the best night to pick.

It’s been snowing up at Tahoe and I’m hoping to get some tracks in before Christmas. Let the season begin!