Armand Gutierrez, NSC President

The ski season has officially begun with numerous resorts opening during the Thanksgiving weekend thanks to a series of snowstorms to hit the Tahoe area. Of course, these resorts have limited lift operations and perhaps only 5% of open terrain. Northstar has the most lifts/runs in operation at the moment. The resort webcams are great for checking out snow conditions, along with the terrain and lift status. Let’s pray to the Snowgods for more snow in December.






Ride Sharing Service

Don’t forget about the NSC ride sharing service that was established several years ago. This service is for NSC members to facilitate getting to the slopes with other members. The service is called rideNSC and members can make a Post to the group to either Offer a ride-sharing opportunity or make a Request that you’re interested in joining with somebody that might be going skiing. For information contact Sandy Kiyomura


How High Can You Go?

What is the highest elevation that you have skied? Perhaps Breckenridge at 13K? Heavenly Valley at 10K? What about Granite Chief (Squaw Valley) around 9K? Well, those are just a few of the resorts that have skiing at high elevations. But, those are not the highest. Can you name the top five North American ski resorts that have the highest summit elevations? And your bonus question is: name the top five North American ski resorts that have the highest base elevation. There will be a free prize for correct entries.






Vail Ski Week 2018

The Vail trip is a month away and there is time to get in some skiing up at Tahoe before the trip. The Vail Orientation meeting will be held on Saturday, January 13th so mark your calendars. This will be an opportunity to meet other members on the trip, socialize a bit, and pick-up the souvenir gift. An Evite will be sent out later in December. If you don’t receive an Evite then let me know at Also, Karen Soo is coordinating the potluck dinner and will be sending out an email listing your condo mates so you can get a head start on putting together your potluck menu.