Sandy Kiyomura

On the weekend of July 16 – July 17, some of our Nisei Ski Club members volunteered for the Mountain View Obon Bazaar. This has been a long tradition with NSC. Years ago, we used their gym for our annual dances. The dance is in the past, but we still participate in their bazaar. This year David Ng, Tamara Liang, Brian Hess, Bill Lee, Alex Kami and Ken Kato volunteered. Some of the positions involved food preparation and other positions involved working at a tempura or beer booth. There were members who came to enjoy the food and activities at the Obon. See pictures of members below. Karen Soo, David Tsuhako, Amy Tsuhako, and Alex Kami danced. I brought my daughter Misha and my granddaughter Amelia. To their surprise, they won on their first round of bingo. Amelia is now an owner of her very own laptop. Thank you, Elaine Yu and Bill Lee, for their photo submissions.

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