Frank Chang, Treasurer
Just a heads up…someone has been using Armand’s NSC board member email alias [] to send phony emails. I have received 3 phony emails sent to my alias []. The date and content of each email is shown below. I knew right away that the first email was bogus because Armand is not a “Cheers” kind of guy. Maybe “Later Dude”, but not “Cheers”. Furthermore, Armand doesn’t send emails using [] and he’s not an iPhone user. Besides changing our aliases, there’s nothing much we can do. I haven’t responded to any of these emails, so hopefully this hacker will give up. But please watch out for suspicious emails from anyone using “”…

From: Armand Gutierrez []
4/26/17 – Frank Important Notice!
Hi Frank,

Kindly give me an update on the available account balances, and do we have any payments left to pay? Reply me as soon as you get this.


5/1/17 – Wire transfer request
Hello Frank,

I need to know if you’re available at the moment. There is an urgent wire transfer i need you to process before the wire deadline today. Email me back right here and let me know what details is needed.

Armand Gutierrez

Sent from my iPhone

5/22/17 – PAYMENT REQUEST!!!!
Hi Frank,

Good Morning, How are you? I need you to process a payment today. Do let me know if you are available.

Armand Gutierrez