Armand Gutierrez, NSC President

It’s September and it’s been HOT these past few weeks. But despite the heat your focus should be on the upcoming ski/snowboard season. Why? Because it’s just around the corner and the next thing you know it will be time to trek up to Tahoe to get your first days of skiing in, possibly in November and hopefully in December. There are quite a few September events coming up so take a look at them and decide which ones you want to attend. Since I’m not a bicyclist or painter there is really only one for me to choose.

Upcoming Events

California Ski Company September Offers

Did you know that California Ski Company in Berkeley has NSC members as employees? And they have a reputation as being the best boot-fitters in the state. Looking for new gear? This month they’re having discounts on 2016/2017 snow gear in their massive parking lot sale. Go to their website (, click on “coupons” and snag some coupons for a free pre-season wax. Yes, I know it’s only September but now is the time to start getting ready for the upcoming ski/snowboard season.

September Pizza Social – September 10

This event has been canceled due to a lack of sign-ups

It’s FOOTBALL Season and let the games begin! Our September Pizza Social will be on Sunday, September 10th at The Garret (Campbell) so we can gather around, quaff a few ales, dine on outstanding pizza, and watch the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys battle it out on the turf. Game time starts at 5:30pm but you can arrive later if you’re stuck in traffic. If you’re planning on attending then please respond to the Evite that has been sent out. And yes, el presidente is buying the beer.

NSC Bay Bridge Bike Ride – September 17

Due to construction at the Bay Bridge there have been some changes to the NSC Bike Ride. I won’t say “Bay Bridge Bike Ride” because that route might get changed if the Bay Bridge construction isn’t completed by the scheduled 16th date. With that in mind, check out the flyer for the latest dates and Karen Soo and Sandy Kiyomura will keep you informed of the latest changes.

NSC Paint Night in San Jose – October 7/8 or October 14/15

This event is still scheduled for October but the dates have yet to be confirmed. Karen Soo is back from vacation and will be finalizing the dates. Stay tuned.

SnowBomb Shows in October/November

Coming up in October and November are the annual SnowBomb ski shows in Santa Clara (used to be San Jose) and San Francisco. I usually attend the San Jose event and Karen Soo and Curtis Otaguro attend the San Francisco event. We’re looking for additional volunteers to support the BAC booth at both locations. As a volunteer you get free admission to the SnowBomb event, talk with people about the various clubs that are part of BAC, and do some self-promoting of NSC. Arrive early, or stay later, and visit the other ski-related booths or perhaps pick up something at one of the retail booths that have discounted prices on ski gear. The Santa Clara event is October 28-29 and the San Francisco event is November 4-5. If interested then drop me a line ( or Karen Soo (

Vail Ski Week 2018

The Vail trip is moving along smoothly and we currently have 44 signups (out of 64). Thanks to all of those that made their 2nd payment on time (August 10th). If you haven’t made your 2nd payment then go find your checkbook and send it in. Still deciding to signup for Vail? What’s to decide? Everyone knows that Vail is a world-class resort with plenty of great skiing, shopping, and dining. If you’re not yet signed up then take a look at the flyer and make that all-important decision to be on this trip, and you can get the Tahoe Local Pass through Sports America (, which will be good for five days skiing at Vail, plus skiing at Northstar, Heavenly Valley, and Kirkwood, and a 6% discount on the Epic Pass (~$31) if you sign up for the Vail trip.