On November 9th Karen Soo and Curtis Otaguro attended the Snow Bomb Ski and Snow Festival held at ATT Park in San Francisco. Karen and Curtis worked alongside other members of BAC at the BAC booth and also met quite few people who were in attendance. The ATT Festival lasted two days, which gave everyone a great chance to pick up bargains on ski equipment, clothing, and free stuff. Karen and Curtis also had an opportunity to tour the ATT field.

On the heels of the ATT festival, Armand Gutierrez and Gary Lyon represented NSC at the Festival held on November 23rdat the San Jose Convention Center. Yes, it was another well-attended evening with Any Mountain occupying the most floor space with more ski equipment, clothing, and accessories all at discount prices. Gary and I had a great time meeting members of the Snowdrifters and Apres ski clubs at the BAC booth, and somehow we managed to latch onto a few empty glasses and managed to partake in the free beer tastings. Yes, it was a great evening! Our roving photographer, Bill Lee, showed up and managed to take a few pictures. This was my first time for this event and now I’m thinking about attending next year’s event.

SnowBomb San Jose
Nov 23,2013