As President Armand noted in last month’s newsletter, Hi Fujii had to give up skiing for health reasons, and his Atomic racing skis were available to any member who could use them. I’m the grateful recipient of Hi’s skis. My eight-year-old skis were probably outdated and had outlived their usefulness, and the length of HI’s skis was the same as my old skis. Being the recipient of such great, gently used skis, I had to go out and buy new ski boots to accompany them. Thanks to Karen Soo’s recommendation, I was able to find great boots that fit well.

Sydney’s Former Skis

Now I’m all dressed for the ball with nowhere to go. Although I signed up for all three weekend trips, I was disappointed to learn from Karen that Trip # 1 to Alpine and Squaw Valley was canceled because only 12 people signed up. Trips # 2 and 3 are in jeopardy, too. As Karen noted in her plaintive E-mail, “the end of an era might be upon us.” Therefore, fellow NSCers, please get off your sofas and sign up for Trips # 2 and 3 and tell your friends about our great weekend ski trips so they can sign up, too.  Give me a chance to do justice to Hi’s skis and bomb down those double diamond hills. Oops, sorry, I got carried away. Give me a chance to intelligently and elegantly ski down those hills, just like Hi would have.

Sidney Mar