What’s included in the Weekend Ski Trip price?

  • Charter bus to hotel and ski resorts
  • Two night stay in a hotel, usually in a casino in Reno, double occupancy
  • 2 dinners on the bus, Friday and Sunday (subject to change)
  • 2 continental breakfasts on the bus, Saturday and Sunday
  • After ski drinks and snacks

What’s not included in the Weekend Ski Trip price?

  • Lift tickets are not included in the cost of the trip, but as part of a group we qualify for discounted group rate lift tickets.  You may chose to use your season pass, a coupon, or take advantage of the group rate lift tickets. We collect money on the bus for the group rate lift tickets prior to arriving at the resort.
  • Equipment rental & lessons, if you are a NSC member, you may qualify for a partial reimbursement of your lesson cost
  • Saturday’s and Sunday’s lunches at the ski resort, Saturday’s dinner

Weekend Ski Trip Bus Pickup Locations:

Sign-Up Deadlines:

Please do not wait until after the deadline to sign up. However, if it is close to the deadline or if the deadline has passed, there still might be room so please contact the Trip Director at tripdirector@NiseiSkiClub.org.

Questions? Contact: tripdirector@NiseiSkiClub.org

Trip Signup

1. All advance reservations must be made on the website’s sign up form or by mail.

2. Reservations are on a “First in, First on” basis. All payments must be made by the sign-up deadline. NSC members will receive priority only if they sign up by the sign-up deadline.

3. Make check payable to Nisei Ski Club and mail with sign-up form to the address indicated on the sign-up form.

If you wish to join NSC, please send a separate check and membership form to the Membership Chairperson.

4. A notice confirming reservations will be sent prior to the trip by email, phone, or self addressed stamped envelope (if provided) if you include the information required.

5. Late sign-ups will be permitted provided there is space available.  Contact the tour leader or TripDirector@NiseiSkiClub.org to see if there are seats available.

Cancellations/Roommate Assignments

1. Notify Tour Leader if you cancel. If unable to contact Tour Leader, contact the Trip Director.

2. There will be a $5 fee assessed for all cancellations if made 14 or more days in advance of the trip date. After 10 PM, 14 days to the trip date, the canceling party will lose the entire fee for the trip unless a replacement is approved by the Tour Leader/Trip Director in the following order:
a) Persons on the waiting list will have first opportunity to fill the cancellation.
b) If a replacement can’t be found, the canceling party may try to get a replacement. The Tour Leader must be notified of this.
c) If the bus is not full, additional skiers may be taken if approved by the Tour Leader. This is required to assure accommodations.

3. All trip replacements are taken from a waiting list in priority of sign-up only. You may request a roommate, but they must sign up before a trip is filled else a roommate will be assigned to you.

4. In the case of odd numbers for room assignments, tripling up of individuals may be required. The last to sign up will be the first to be assigned to such accommodations. Under these circumstances, each person in these accommodations may be refunded a portion of the room expense to be determined after the return of the trip.

Seating Arrangements

On the Way Up to the Sierras

1. Seating is on an “Early Sign Up – First Choice” arrangement. The bus is divided into two sections: Front Rows 2-7 and Rear: Rows 8-12. This seating may be selected on the sign-up form.

2. You may only save the seat next to you and that person must be assigned the same section.

At All Other Times

1. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis for the rest of the trip.

2. Only the seat next to you may be saved. Otherwise, there is no saving of seats.

3. The seat you select will be your seat for the entire day.

4. The first row is reserved for the Tour Leaders.


1. All rooming is on a double occupancy basis. Trip price is per person.

2. Please mark all equipment with proper identification. Bag, strap, and tape skis and poles together.

3. NSC is not responsible for missing or lost items. Please clearly label your belongings.

4. For Saturday morning trips, departure attire should consist of your ski clothes. There are no accommodations on the bus for a clothes change.

5. No breakfast stops. There is a 15 minute “courtesy” stop only if the Bus Driver requests it.

6. Dinner is provided on Friday night departures and Sunday return trips.

7. Beverages and snacks will be provided by NSC at the end of the day. You may want to bring some munchies to share with others.

8. Changes from designated ski areas will be decided by the Tour Leader and a vote of the Bus. During bad road conditions, the Bus Driver has the final decision.

9. Lift ticket costs are not included in the cost of the trip unless otherwise noted. However, all ski resorts we plan to ski will give us a group discount. If you are buying a group lift ticket, only cash will be accepted by the Tour Leaders.

10. Lessons for all beginner skiers and beginner snow boarders. To qualify, the Nisei Ski Club member must be a beginner in both skiing and snowboarding. The club will reimburse by mail, the cost of a first time beginner (A) full-day group lesson in either sport. Limit: One lesson per lifetime for a maximum reimbursement payment up to your membership fee.

11. Poor Weather Policy. The bus will go to the scheduled ski area unless the weather is extremely poor. In this event, the Tour Leaders will determine whether poor conditions exist at the scheduled site. If poor weather does exist, a vote of the bus will dictate the ski area but will not be used to dictate whether or not to ski. Only a unanimous vote may be used to dictate early departures.

12. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the bus departure time. It is to your advantage to arrive early and to be assured of not missing the bus. It will depart on schedule.